In five regions, the availability of base communication stations is below 70%

Мобильная связь

The greatest difficulties with the availability of mobile communications in Ukraine as a result of infrastructure damage due to full-scale Russian aggression are experienced by Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This was announced by the head of the State Special Communications Service Yury Shchigol.

In Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions, 47.6% and 39.3% of the total number of base stations are available, respectively.

Due to power outages, Odessa (67.6%) and Cherkassy (68.4%) regions experience significant communication difficulties, and in the rest of the country, the availability of mobile communications is at least 70% of the total number of base stations.

“Operators provide backup power not only to base stations, but also to all subsystems of the network – these are tens of thousands of objects. Now all the key elements of the operators’ networks are reserved,” Shchigol said.

The head of the State Special Communications Service recalled that after the first massive attacks on the energy infrastructure, this figure fell to 40%.

It is reported that the war caused significant damage and destruction to the telecommunications infrastructure in more than 10 regions, and $1.8 billion is needed to restore the sector.

Mobile operators have already resumed more than 3.2 thousand km of fiber optic lines, 1.2 thousand base stations, built more than 1.5 thousand new mobile communication base stations, strengthened energy independence and modernized more than 8 thousand stations out of 37 thousand available in the country. The total investment in the development of mobile networks in 2022 is estimated at no less than UAH 8 billion, Shchigol specified.

In addition to direct destruction, the infrastructure of information and communication technologies in Ukraine is regularly subjected to cyber attacks: during the six months of a full-scale war, 1,123 cyber attacks were recorded, targeting all sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including IT and telecommunications.

During the year, there were 2194 cyber attacks, a quarter of which were directed against the government and local authorities. 90% of cyber attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure come from Russia.

The State Special Communications Service ensures the functioning of the system of secure access of state bodies to the Internet, the users of which are about 200 state bodies, including the country’s security and defense sectors. Every day, the system, according to the agency, “kills” from 5 to 40 powerful high-level DDoS attacks.