Ukrenergo introduces large-scale shutdown schedules


Due to damage to the equipment of the backbone network of the energy system, Ukrenergo introduces schedules for emergency shutdown of power supply for industrial and residential consumers in all regions of Ukraine from 17:00.

“Due to the missile attacks of the terrorists, the equipment of the backbone network of the Ukrainian energy system was damaged in several regions at once. At present, consumer restrictions are needed to reduce the load on networks and avoid repeated accidents after the infrastructure was damaged by Russian shelling, ”the company said in a message on Monday evening, October 31.

It is noted that such measures will allow power engineers to quickly restore damaged facilities and keep the system balanced.

“Ukrenergo, together with distribution network operators, is doing everything possible to restore the damaged energy infrastructure as soon as possible. Repair teams work around the clock,” the company noted.

Ukrainians were once again asked to use electricity as economically as possible.

“We ask Ukrainians for understanding and help. Asking yourself “What can I turn off” and turning off the excess is helping us on the energy front, ”Ukrenergo stressed.