Akhmetov leaves the media business in favor of the state

Ринат Ахметов интервью

Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov said that he was forced to withdraw his investment company SCM from the media business, this week Media Group Ukraine will give up in favor of the state all broadcast and satellite television licenses of its channels, print media licenses in Ukraine. The activity of the online media of Moscow State University will also cease.

“This week, Media Group Ukraine will waive in favor of the state all broadcast and satellite television licenses of our channels and licenses of our print media in Ukraine. We will also terminate the activities of MSU online media.”

According to Akhmetov, the decision was dictated by the entry into force of the law “On the prevention of threats to national security associated with the excessive influence of persons with significant economic and political weight in public life (oligarchs)”.

He emphasized that “he was not, is not and will not be an oligarch.” At the same time, the six-month period specified by law for the sale of media assets, as well as Russian aggression against Ukraine, do not allow SCM to sell the media business on market terms.

Akhmetov recalled that the media holding consists of ten broadcast and satellite television channels, Internet resources, print media and a modern production media ecosystem. The total amount of investments invested in it exceeded $1.5 billion.

In March, President Volodymyr Zelensky put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine “On the implementation of a unified information policy under martial law.” In accordance with the presidential decree, in the conditions of martial law, all national TV channels are united on a single information platform for strategic communication – a round-the-clock marathon “United News #UArazom”.