Biden supported the training of Ukrainians on the F-16


The United States supported the joint efforts of allies and partners to train Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighters, including the F-16. This was said by American President Joe Biden during the G-7 summit, CNN reports with reference to a senior administration official in Washington on Friday, May 19.

According to the official, joint training events will not be held in the United States, but most likely exclusively in Europe. But American personnel will participate in the exercises along with allies and partners. This is expected to take several months, the official hopes it will start “in the coming weeks”.

“As training takes place in the coming months, our coalition of countries participating in this effort will decide when to provide aircraft, how many we will provide, and who will provide them,” the official said.

Earlier, the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, confirmed that Ukrainian pilots were tested in the United States, which made it possible to predict the time required to master the F-16 aircraft.