A documentary film “Mariupol. Chronicles of hell”


It tells the stories of people who managed to escape from the city besieged by Russian invaders.

The film was directed by Elizaveta Tatarinova and Ukrainian production TTV-Studio.

“Mariupol. Chronicles of Hell” is a story about life in the city from the first days of the war to the beginning of April. The idea to make this film came about when the first people began to leave the blockaded city in mid-March. We just got together with the operator and went to Zaporozhye, where convoys of cars arrive, in order to hear firsthand what is happening in Mariupol. These stories are hard to listen to, but necessary,” said the director.

The heroes of the film are: Mariupol journalists Nadezhda Sukhorukova, Nikolay Osichenko and Max Grabovsky; volunteer Ekaterina Yerskaya; Yevgeny Tuzov, commandant of the largest storage facility in Mariupol at the Terra Sport sports complex. Family; the family of the deceased photographer Viktor Dedov and others.

In addition, the film starred people whose loved ones were forcibly deported to Russia and those who almost died under shelling during the evacuation.

“Everyone has their own story, but it is common – evidence of war crimes committed by Russia. Frank and terrible, because what is happening in Mariupol is hard to imagine. But we need to hear it, ”the authors of the film added.