What Ukraine will get under Lend-Lease


After signing the law, the President of the United States must establish accelerated procedures for the supply of military products within 60 days.

The House of Representatives of the US Congress on Thursday, April 28, voted for the adoption of the law on Lend-Lease for Ukraine. 417 congressmen voted “for” and 10 “against”. Now, for the document to come into force, it must be signed by President Joe Biden.

According to experts, as a result of Lend-Lease and within the framework of the previously announced military assistance to Ukraine from the United States for $20 billion, Kyiv can receive:

  • tanks of the third generation M1A2 Abrams;
  • M2A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • self-propelled artillery mounts M109A6 Paladin;
  • multiple launch rocket systems on HIMARS wheeled chassis;universal launcher MLRS M270 MLRS;
  • mobile Norwegian air defense system NASAMS 2;
  • SAM Patriot;
  • multifunctional light fighters of the 4th generation F-16 C / D;
  • air defense system S-300.

American analysts believe that the Lend-Lease revival is of great historical importance, since in 1941 such an initiative was a decisive factor in allowing the Allies to defeat the Nazis in World War II.

Recall that the law on lend-lease allows you to significantly speed up the supply of weapons, transport, food and other assistance from the United States to Ukraine.