The average salary in Ukraine increased by 25%

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In the II quarter of 2023, the average monthly salary in Ukraine amounted to UAH 17,176, which is 25.2% more than in the II quarter last year. This was reported by the State Statistics Service.

According to the State Statistics Service, this indicator increased most noticeably among workers in water transport – by 83.1%, to UAH 21,513, in trade – by 69.9%, to UAH 20,663, in aviation transport – by 69.1%, to UAH 29,661

The smallest increase in the average monthly salary was recorded in the field of health care — by 9.2%, to UAH 14,566, in education — by 9.4%, to UAH 13,027, and in the sphere of creativity, art and entertainment — by 12.1 %, up to UAH 11,108.

The highest average salary in the II quarter was recorded in the field of information and telecommunications – UAH 36,484, the lowest – among employees of cultural institutions – UAH 9,615.