The Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred heavy equipment to the left bank of the Dnieper

Война війна

The Defense Forces of Ukraine managed to transfer a limited amount of armored vehicles to the left bank of the Kherson region. This was reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) based on the results of Tuesday, November 7, based on the analysis of Russian data.

Russian sources claim that Ukrainian forces have moved a limited number of armored vehicles to the eastern (left) bank of Kherson region and are continuing larger-than-usual ground operations involving a battalion-sized light infantry group.

ISW also reported that on November 6, Russian “military personnel” enlarged a photo allegedly taken of a Ukrainian tracked amphibious vehicle transporting an infantry fighting vehicle to the eastern bank near the village of Krynky (30 km northeast of Kherson and 2 km from the Dnipro).

Other “militants” claimed on November 7 that a Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle independently crossed the Dnipro River near Krynyk, and also zoomed in on separate footage from November 7 purportedly showing a destroyed Western amphibious armored personnel carrier at an unspecified location on the east bank.

Some of the Russian so-called “military forces” claimed that one or two Ukrainian armored personnel carriers had crossed the Dnipro near Krynyk, while other “military forces” noted that Ukrainian forces had moved several armored personnel carriers into the area.

In addition, Russian informants claim that more than 300 Ukrainian troops (approximately a battalion) are operating on the east bank in the Krynyk area, and that Ukrainian forces are holding positions in the center of Krynyk and surrounding areas.

According to another “military corps”, several hundred Ukrainian soldiers operate on the entire eastern bank of the Kherson region.

Experts with reference to Russian “military bloggers” note that combat clashes continue near Krynyk, as well as near Poima (12 km east of Kherson and 4 km from the Dnipro), Pishchanivka (13 km east of Kherson and 3 km from the Dnipro) and Podstepny (17 km east of Kherson and 4 km from the Dnipro), but the alleged attempts of Ukrainian troops to advance on November 6 and 7 were not particularly large-scale compared to the previous days.

Analysts recall that the Defense Forces probably launched initial attacks across the Dnipro River on the eastern (left) bank of the Kherson region on October 17 and 18.

They point out that the notification of the grouping of Ukrainian forces up to a battalion on the east bank indicates that intensive Russian efforts to block the Dnipro River did not prevent Ukrainian forces from transferring additional personnel and material to positions on the east bank.