Zelensky removed the SSO commander Khorenko

Хоренко ССО

The reasons for his resignation from the post of commander of the Special Operations Forces are unknown to Major General Viktor Horenko, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi did not submit a request for his dismissal.

Khorenko: “I personally do not know the reasons. I will say so, I learned about it from mass media. I spoke with the commander-in-chief (Valery Zaluzhny), who also could not explain it to me. Glavkom should have made a corresponding submission, but he answered me that he had not done so. I don’t understand what happened.”

Khorenko noted that Zaluzhny called him today and asked if he was aware of the situation. The major general answered in the negative.

Regarding his further fate, Khorenko also does not know. He only assured that he “will do everything for the victory of Ukraine.”

When asked whether Khorenko tried to contact the Office of the President to clarify the situation, the officer said that he did not have such access.

“The persons responsible for communication with the Armed Forces, the Defense Forces, have not given me such information at the moment,” the military man added.

Khorenko noted that the SSO are working in many places on the front line, planning a number of operations, in particular in the Avdiiv direction.

According to the officer, he heard from Zaluzhny that there were no questions or complaints to him regarding the performance of combat missions.

When asked whether Khorenko had any conflict with the OP or with someone from the command, the major general replied that he would not comment on it: “let certain persons answer that.”

Khorenko has not yet communicated with his successor.