The deputy head of the National Police has ties to a criminal authority and a wife with a Russian passport


Deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine Dmytro Tyshlek uses the real estate and car of the family of the partner of the head of the Rostov criminal group, and his wife did not get rid of her Russian passport even after the Russian invasion. This is discussed in the Bihus.Info investigation.

Tyshlek has worked all his life in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police. Before being appointed deputy head of the National Police in the spring of this year, he headed the capital’s Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police, managed the Department of Economic Protection in Dnipro and Zhytomyr, and before the Russian invasion in 2014, he worked in his native Donetsk region for about 10 years.

As the journalists found out, the family of Tyshlek’s wife, Oleksandra Balakai, moved to the Rostov region in the early 1990s and received Russian citizenship. Balakai herself had a valid Russian passport as of the summer of this year.

In 2018, during another visit of Tyshlek’s mother-in-law, Maria Balakai, she settled in a two-room apartment in the Novopecherski Lypky residential complex in Kyiv. But immediately after registration, she wrote out a power of attorney for her daughter, transferring the right to manage real estate to her, and returned to Russia.

Meanwhile, Tyshlek himself did not live in the apartment of his mother-in-law and wife. When he moved to the capital in 2019, he lived for at least a year for free in a 140 sq.m. apartment. in the elite residential complex French Quarter in the center of the city, which belonged to Yury Golyk, the ideologue of the “Great Construction” project.

It is interesting that it was Tyshlek who headed the Department of Economic Protection in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast at a time when in Dnipro contracts for sums with many zeros were received by the company of a fitness trainer associated with the then head of OVA Valentyn Reznichenko, to whom Golyk was an adviser.

Golyk himself denies close acquaintance with Tyshlek and says that he gave him an apartment in the capital simply because he “didn’t need it”.

Currently, according to the investigation, Tyshlek has already moved out of Golyk’s apartment, and not just anywhere, but to one of the cottage towns in the suburbs of Kyiv.

Journalists repeatedly noticed how in the morning he left the 300 square meter house registered to a woman named Natalya Necheporenko. In the spring of last year, Tyshlek traveled abroad in the car of Natalya Necheporenko’s husband Vitaliy, and this year a house was arranged for Natalya.

The official incomes of the Necheporenok family, as the investigators found out, are far from those that would allow for the purchase of such valuable real estate: two small construction firms of Vitaliy are not profitable.

However, he has a share in one more business: he owns 25% in Elite Lotto LLC, where the same share is held by Andrian Rodin, aka Andrey Imanali, aka “Poluzvyer”, a Rostov criminal authority who has very long and very difficult relationship with the police. Imanali became famous at the beginning of the zeros as one of the leaders of Rostov-based OPG Selmash. He repeatedly “lit up” in Kyiv, was even included in the list of sanctions, but in a strange way at the last moment he disappeared from them.

Dmytro Tyshlek himself said in a written comment to journalists that he currently rents an apartment, lived in the house temporarily, the Necheporenkas are his close friends, his wife has a Ukrainian passport, and he does not interfere in his mother-in-law’s affairs.