Zelenskyy conducts a search in the acting mayor of Chernigov

государственное бюро расследований

Acting Oleksandra Lomako, mayor of Chernihiv, said that on the morning of October 26, his home was searched. The SBI reported that investigative actions were authorized by the court.

Lomako declares that the SBI is breaking into his apartment with a search.

Lomako: “Clearly a day after my post about the attempt of the city military administration and its head Bryzhinsky to avoid responsibility for the tragedy in the Drama Theater.”

The press service of the SBU confirmed to “Ukrainian Pravda” that searches were carried out jointly with the SBU in acting mayor of Chernihiv and assured that they are sanctioned by the court and have nothing to do with Lomako’s Facebook posts. Details are promised later.

In September, Lomako said that the SBU searched his home. The SBU reported that, in general, more than 20 searches are being conducted within the framework of previously opened proceedings.

In May, Lomako reported that investigators had searched the Chernihiv City Council in a criminal case against suspended mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.