The Russian military has already lost more than 109 pieces of equipment near Avdiivka


A Ukrainian reserve officer released satellite images and confirmed that the Russian military lost more than 109 pieces of equipment near Avdiivka from October 10 to 20.

Most of the Russian casualties are primarily armored combat vehicles, such as BMP-1 and BMP-2 and MT-LB; T-72, T-64, T-80 tanks; armored personnel carriers; and other vehicles.

He also stated that the losses of Russian equipment in the Avdiyivka region exceeded their losses during the failed crossing of the Siverskyi Donets in May 2022 and are likely to exceed the losses in the Vugledara region in the period from November 2022 to April 2023.

The numbers may rise – about a dozen cars are not included in the list of losses due to inconsistencies in the images.

Two other independent sources estimate that Russian forces lost about 200 military vehicles near Avdiivka.

On October 24, a Russian military blogger said that Ukrainian forces had counterattacked and pushed back Russian forces from Berdychi (10 km northwest of Avdiyivka).

On October 25, Russian troops conducted offensive operations in the Avdiyivka region. Geolocation footage released on October 24 shows that Russian troops have advanced to the northwest of Krasnohorivka (5 km northwest of Avdiivka).

The General Staff of Ukraine reported that Russian troops unsuccessfully attacked in the vicinity of Stepovoy (3 km northwest of Avdiyivka), Avdiyivka, Tonenkoy (5 km west of Avdiyivka), Severovsky (6 km west of Avdiyivka), and Nevelskyi (13 km southwest from Avdiivka).

A prominent Russian military blogger said on October 25 that Russian forces had achieved “major tactical success” on the approaches to Avdiivka and near Stepovoy, and advanced to the railway line north of Avdiivka.

Another Russian blogger stated that Russian troops are advancing from Krasnohorivka to Novokalynovo (7 km north of Avdiivka).

Russian forces claim to control the Avdiivka territory, as does a Ukrainian military observer. The head of the Avdiiv city military administration, Vitaly Barabash, denied these statements and said that it is a disputed “gray zone”.