The National Bank has sharply strengthened the hryvnia against the euro

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The National Bank increased the reduction of the official exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar and the euro after several days of decline. This is evidenced by data from the regulator on Wednesday, October 25.

On Thursday, the NBU set the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the US dollar at 36.5312 hryvnias/$ (-0.0478 hryvnias).

In turn, the euro rate immediately fell by almost 30 kopecks to 38.6171 hryvnias for 1 euro (-0.2920 hryvnias).

The dollar rate at the Interbank today decreased by five kopecks to UAH 36.52-36.54/dollar (buy-sell)

In exchange offices, the dollar was bought at 37.54 on average, and sold at 38.00 hryvnias per dollar. Cash euros were bought for 40.01, and sold for 40.60 hryvnias per euro.

We will remind you that on October 3, the National Bank introduced a regime of managed flexibility of the exchange rate. Before that, since the beginning of the war, the regulator kept the hryvnia to dollar exchange rate fixed, initially at 29.25 hryvnias/dollar, and from July 21, 2022, at 36.57 hryvnias/dollar.

Banks will now sell and buy currency at a free rate without a limit of 1% of the official rate, which has been in effect since the beginning of the war. Taking into account the exchange rate at the Interbank, the NBU will set the official exchange rate. However, the regulator promised to significantly limit exchange rate fluctuations, preventing both a significant weakening of the hryvnia and a significant strengthening. In recent days, the dollar rate has gradually increased.