In Ukraine, a third of the rubber aid that was supposed to be sent to the address of the military “disappeared”


Since the beginning of 2023, out of 9,000 verified facts of the transfer of humanitarian aid goods to the address of the military, in more than 3,000 cases it has not been confirmed that it reached the military units.

Such facts were discovered as a result of joint inspections by the Department of Combating Smuggling and Violations of Customs Rules of the State Customs Service and the Department of Internal Audit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“During 9 months of 2023, as a result of joint measures, more than 9,000 facts of the movement of humanitarian aid goods to the address of 200 military units were verified. More than 3,000 cases of non-confirmation of its receipt by military units have been established,” the State Customs Service reports.

It is noted that such facts were discovered thanks to the introduced mechanism of joint control over the arrival of humanitarian goods to the military units. It made it possible to promptly exchange information on confirmation of receipt of such goods by military formations and detection of risky customs clearances.

Customs officers have already sent 387 reports to law enforcement agencies about facts indicating signs of a crime. Also, 320 protocols were drawn up on violations of customs rules, where the objects of the offenses are humanitarian aid goods.

“We are grateful to public organizations, volunteers and international donors who help Ukraine. At the same time, we remind you that the importation of commercial goods under the guise of humanitarian aid is a violation of current legislation and entails liability,” the State Customs Service emphasized.