Krivoy Rog lifts all restrictions on water supply


In Krivoy Rog, starting tomorrow, all restrictions on water supplies that were in force after the Russians blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station will be lifted. This was announced by the head of the Krivoy Rog military administration, Alexander Vilkul, in Telegram on Monday, September 18.

“Starting tomorrow, all restrictions on water supply will be lifted in the city. Including nearby villages that are connected to Krivoy Rog. Including industry and car washes,” he noted.

According to him, urban development has been switching from manual control to automatic control over the past week. About 65% is water from the Kresovskoye and Makortovo reservoirs, 35% from the Ingulets River.

“Three water pipelines from KRES, which were built by the city water utility, are what really saved the city in the last 2 months. Otherwise, there would be no water or sewerage at all. But KRES is a temporary solution. There will only be enough water there for a few months. Therefore, this year’s task is to completely switch to Ingulets water. The Restoration Agency continues to build three more water pipelines into the Yuzhnoye Reservoir. We are grateful and provide all possible assistance,” Vilkul emphasized.

He warned that there was no longer a timetable for water supply restrictions, but in case of repair work, localized problems were possible. After three months of switching on/off, it will take some time to balance the system, the head of the MBA warned.

At the same time, Vilkul noted that the heating system is 80% full.