Poland records record surge in birth rate among Ukrainian women


The demographic crisis in Poland is getting worse, but the country is seeing a record surge in the birth rate among foreigners.

Last year, this figure doubled – to 16,711 thousand newborns, and Ukrainian women gave birth to the most children – 82% of all births to foreigners (13,748 children), Belarusian women among foreign births – 4.4% (741 children), Russian women . – 1.5% (244 newborns).

Last year, 305,132 children were born in Poland, the lowest birth rate since World War II. Experts believe that the country has entered a period of demographic crisis, therefore, against this background, an increase in the birth rate among foreigners is especially noticeable.

In 2022, children in Poland were born by a record number of foreigners with permanent residence in this country – 5.5%: every twentieth child born in Poland last year comes from another country.

It is noted that the birth rate among foreigners in Poland increased sharply last year: in 2021, women from other countries gave birth to 8,970 children in this country, and in 2022 – 16,711.

“In 2022, the number of births of Ukrainian women permanently residing in Poland is twice as high as in 2021 and almost 20 times higher compared to 2015,” reports the Statistical Office of Poland.

Data are provided for comparing birth rates by mothers from abroad in Poland:
2022 – 8,970 children;
2019 – 6,425;
2017 – 4,061;
2015 – 1,736.