Missile attack on Pokrovsk: 7 dead


As a result of a Russian missile attack on residential buildings in the center of Pokrovsk, 7 people were killed and about 30 more were injured. In particular, among the dead there is a deputy head of the State Emergency Service of the region, among the victims there are policemen, rescuers and a child.

Interior Minister Igor Klimenko: “5 dead and 18 wounded are the consequences of two strikes on residential buildings in Pokrovsk. As of 21:20, as a result of the first arrival, 4 civilians were killed and 3 were injured. During the repeated shelling, the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the Donetsk region was killed. Another 4 rescuers, 8 police officers and 3 civilians were injured. Our heroes were the first to arrive at the scene of the shelling to help people. Search and rescue work continues. We are sorting out the rubble, saving people from Russian terror.”

The head of the State Emergency Service, Sergei Kruk, confirmed the death of a rescue service employee. According to him, another 5 rescuers were injured.

Later, Zelensky said that Colonel Andrei Omelchenko, an employee of the State Emergency Service, who died as a result of a repeated strike on the city, was

Klymenko said that as of 21:50 the number of wounded had increased to 31, including 19 police officers, 5 rescuers of the State Emergency Service and 1 child. Debris clearing continues.

As of 22:00, information was received about 5 dead and 14 wounded civilians (among the wounded, an 11-year-old child). In addition, it is known about two dead employees of the State Emergency Service and one military man. 9 police officers, an employee of the local administration and a military man were injured.