Night shelling of Kherson: there are dead and wounded


During a night attack on Kherson on the night of August 6-7, a woman was killed and several more people were wounded. This was reported in the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

It is reported that on August 7, at about 00:05, Russian troops shelled Kherson.

“Shells hit private and apartment buildings, fires broke out. A woman died under the rubble of a private house. Due to the night shelling of the regional center, at least seven citizens were injured. The data is being clarified,” the message says.

It is also reported that the day before, on August 6, at about 21:10, Russian troops launched an artillery strike on the village of Olgovka in the Berislav region. Two local residents were injured, civilian infrastructure facilities were damaged.

The head of the Kherson OVA Alexander Prokudin added details.

“A hard night for Kherson… The Russian army continued to lay fire on the houses of Kherson residents in the central part of the city. At about 00:50, the invaders fired at a residential building. Eight residents were diagnosed with a situational neurotic reaction. One person with limited mobility was hospitalized in the hospital. During the extinguishing of a fire caused by an enemy strike, two rescuers were injured. They were taken to a medical facility with general overheating of the body. Half an hour later, the shelling continued. As a result of an artillery shell hitting the house, a 59-year-old woman died, and a 60-year-old man suffered a shell shock. Around 03:15, the Russian army attacked the house again. A 93-year-old woman was injured. She was hospitalized with a mine-explosive injury and shell shock,” the head of the IVA said in a statement.