Fuel in Ukraine has risen in price again


On August 3, retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel increased again in Ukraine. Since the beginning of August, fuel has risen in price by 1.5 hryvnias, RBC-Ukraine reports, citing monitoring data from the A-95 Consulting Group.

It is reported that the Avias network increased prices for gasoline and diesel fuel by 1 hryvnia, the UPG network – by 50 kopecks, Shell – by 1.28 hryvnias for gasoline and 1.11 hryvnias for diesel, KLO – by 90 kopecks for gasoline.

According to monitoring data, the average retail prices for A-95 gasoline are 49.85 hryvnia per liter (+0.47 hryvnia), for diesel fuel – 49.10 hryvnia per liter (+0.50 hryvnia), for autogas – 23, 55 hryvnia per liter (+0.04 hryvnia).

Recall that from July 1, VAT was returned on fuel in the amount of 20%, which was valid before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, and from March 2022 it was paid at the level of 7%. In addition, the former excise rates began to operate.