Russian fascists destroyed the building of the Danube Shipping Company and the seaport


During the night attack by Shahed-136 drones on the Odessa region, the port infrastructure was destroyed – the Russians damaged the elevator, grain sheds and hit the Sea Terminal, as well as the administration building of the Danube Shipping Company, which are located in Izmail.

“During a night attack in the south of the Odessa region, air defense forces destroyed 11 Shahed-136 strike drones.

The administrative building and the sea station were destroyed. The prosecutor’s office does not name the objects and where they are located, but the UP found out that they are located in the regional city of Izmail.

Also, the three-story building of the Izmiail sea station underwent significant damage.

Izmail Marine Station was reconstructed only in 2019. UAH 52 million was spent on its reconstruction. View of the seaport before the impact of the Russians.

Also, as a result of the shelling, the elevator, grain sheds, tanks of one of the cargo terminals, production, storage and administrative premises were damaged and destroyed.

A complete list of destruction and damage is now being established. Prosecutors, in cooperation with other law enforcement officers, record the consequences of the shelling.