Rabinovich is suspected of treason

Вадим Рабинович

Vadim Rabinovich, a former People’s Deputy from the banned Opposition Platform for Life party, was charged with high treason. This was reported by the State Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday, July 26.

According to the investigation, Rabinovich distributed anti-Ukrainian propaganda information among the population and the political leadership of the EU countries.

“Vadim Rabinovich, in his numerous speeches and interviews, published manipulative statements that harmed the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, state, economic and information security of Ukraine. His propaganda activities helped the leadership of the Russian Federation achieve their military-political goals and provided the Russian Federation with ideological assistance in carrying out explosive activities against Ukraine,” the message says.

Rabinovich was declared suspected of high treason (part 1 of article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The suspicion was reported by sending a corresponding request for international legal assistance to Israel, where the ex-people’s deputy is now hiding.

Vadim Rabinovich faces up to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property.