Who demined Chongar


Let’s stick to the facts regarding the hot and glaring topic “Who demined Chongar”. Without headlines written in the media, without mutual insults (I understand, it is fashionable now, but still), and without arguments in the style of “the fool himself”. Just the facts.

The first fact is that we do not know for sure whether the bridges (there are several of them) in the area of the Chongar border checkpoint were demined. Yes, something there Servants of the people told about shuttles. In general, they talked about a lot of things, from “just stop shooting” and peace in Putin’s eyes, to fairy tales about a billion trees, but there were no less topics. There is no evidence that the bridges have been demined.

The second fact is that all the bridges on the path of the Russian occupation forces from the side of the occupied Crimea in the direction of Melitopol were not blown up on February 24, 2022. All but one bridge in Genichesk. (Eternal memory of the Hero who destroyed that building). This bridge performed a secondary function, but there were no less themes. If you look carefully at the map, the isthmus near Salkovo was no less important than the bridge in the Chongar checkpoint area, at a distance of 20 km. Which was also mined. At least in 2017 for sure. And if it flew into the air, the occupiers would find themselves on a narrow isthmus. On both sides – Sivash.

And that’s not all. Near Melitopol (120 km from Chongar) there is an important bridge across one of the branches of the Kakhovsky Main Canal. I don’t know if there was an order to replace it. But the fact that he miraculously survived is also a fact that cannot be denied. Although it could be destroyed within 24 February. I am not talking about the bridge in Melitopol itself.

The third fact is the words of two generals, Serhiy Nayev and Viktor Muzhenko. Serhiy Ivanovych insists that the order “Destroy the bridges” was brought to the personnel a few hours before the invasion. Are there reasons not to believe General Nayev? I have no such reasons. In addition, in March 2023, the former Chief of the General Staff – the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, made it clear in his interview that he was, to put it mildly, surprised by the fact that Russian troops passed from the territory of occupied Crimea in an almost parade march towards Kherson and Melitopol So, in accordance with the plan of our GS, the bridges had to fly into the air. But it turned out the other way around.

Can it be assumed that the order of General Serhiy Naev was not carried out? This is hardly the case. And the reason is simple. The task of the units that stood at different times in that direction was to destroy the bridges and the isthmus (this is very important) near Salkovo, which would significantly slow down the advance of the enemy’s manpower and equipment, in particular towards Melitopol. In 2017, this was hammered into our heads almost every week, and we checked the state of the charges. Then what is the matter, apart from a possible sabotage near the Chongar checkpoint?! Only one thing comes to my mind… Someone, using authority, may have advised not to hurry with the implementation of Naev’s order. Who could it be? Well, for example, one of those former high-ranking SBU officials who are now suspected of working for the FSB. (Who brought them to the high offices is a question of questions).

One call yelling, “Are you Lt. Col. oh@el? What bridges? And then who, if anything, will be responsible for everything? are you Money d@huya? Wanted on a bunk?”, could do his dirty work. But it is unlikely that you will ask anyone from those who were the first to meet the Russians there, on the border with occupied Crimea. And the units stationed at Chongar were certainly not responsible for the bridge near Melitopol.

But these are just my guesses…