The family of the Odessa military commissar has property in Spain worth millions


During a full-scale war, the family of the head of the Odessa military registration and enlistment office, Yevgeny Borisov, acquired real estate and cars worth millions of dollars on the Spanish coast. This is evidenced by extracts from the Spanish registry, although Borisov himself states that he is not aware of whether his family has real estate in Spain.

Two months after the publicity of the information that the Borisov family had a villa in Spain for more than 3 million euros, his wife had an office building on the main street of Marbella, as well as several expensive cars, the UP again took extracts from the Spanish register and on the estate and to the office space.

Excerpts show that the office and the villa are still registered to the Borisov family.

Also, UP journalists noticed in Spain near the estate of the Odessa military commissar an electric Mercedes B class of 2022. The cost of such a machine starts from 100 thousand dollars. The car was registered as well as the villa for Borisov’s mother.

A few kilometers from the cottage town of Siera Blanca is the central avenue of Marbella with the most expensive restaurants, shops and five-star hotels. It is there that the office space is located, which the family of the military commissar acquired in early 2023.

In addition, the Odessa military commissar already this year received another new Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 SUV. A car was registered for Borisov’s mother-in-law.

A car worth about 100 thousand dollars is already the third car that appeared in the ownership of the family of the Odessa military commissar during the great war. The total cost of such a fleet is about half a million dollars.

Borisov, who has been working as a military commissar since 1996, in a telephone conversation with UP, at first assured that his family did not own anything in Spain, and after the words about extracts from the local register, he said that his wife was engaged in retail trade there and he did not “fit” into these things.

He also stated that he did not know if his relatives had purchased property on the Spanish coast. According to him, his wife should have told him about it later, and now she is doing the documentation.

Regarding the mother-in-law’s car, Borisov stated that she sold her old car and bought herself a Land Cruiser.

In addition, while driving one of the cars of the Borisov family in Spain, UP journalists noticed the brother of the driver of the Odessa military commissar.

Borisov’s driver in Odessa, an employee of the Odessa Regional Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support Mikhail Nikolaev.

In a conversation with UP, Mikhail Nikolaev stated that he did not know if his brother Igor was working for Borisov’s family in Spain, he also stated that he himself was not Borisov’s driver and did not work in the Odessa acquisition center.

Nikolaev Sr. also tried to assure that he did not know what his brother was doing in Spain, but he could leave the country because he was “disabled”.

Igor Nikolaev, born in 2003, was noticed by the Odessa military commissar driving the car of the mother of the Odessa military commissar. He followed the car of the UP film crew.

According to UP sources in the border service, Igor Nikolaev received a passport only in 2022, already during a full-scale invasion. He has already left the country twice. The first time for four months, and the second time for 5.