Ukraine returned from captivity another 95 defenders


Ukraine on Sunday, June 11, returned home 93 privates and sergeants and two officers as part of an exchange of prisoners with the enemy.

The list includes soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, as well as border guards. Among them are 93 privates and sergeants and two officers. In particular, prisoners from Mariupol, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Zmeiny Island, from under Bakhmut, as well as the defenders of Azovstal, go to their families. We also managed to return the participants of the special operation, who flew by helicopter to the surrounded Mariupol, to Azovstal.

Many liberated Ukrainian defenders were wounded in captivity.

The coordination headquarters reported that they managed to return the defenders who were held captive by the Wagner PMC and the Chechen unit Akhmat.

At the same time, the headquarters added that among the liberated Ukrainians, three had the status of “identity search”.