Strike on the suburbs of the Dnieper: the number of wounded increased to 20, of which 5 were children


The number of Russians wounded as a result of a missile attack on the Podgorodno community of the Dnipropetrovsk region has increased to 20, of which 5 are children, while three children are in serious condition.

5 children were wounded by the enemy in the Podgorodny community. The condition of three children is currently assessed by doctors as serious. They are in operating rooms. Girls aged 11 and 17 in a satisfactory condition will be treated on an outpatient basis. The total number of victims increased to 20. Of these, 17 were hospitalized.

Lysak said that under the rubble of the damaged house, rescuers continue to search for people. There is probably a child in there.

At the same time, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports that at about 21:00 on June 3, as a result of a missile strike on the suburbs of the Dnieper, a hit occurred between two two-story residential buildings, where two fires broke out. The first fire was eliminated on a total area of 10 sq.m., the fire of the second source was localized on an area of 20 sq.m.

On Saturday evening, the Russians attacked the Podgorodny community near the Dnieper. Earlier it was known that 13 people were injured, including 3 children, there are people under the rubble of the house.