In the Nikolaev region launched the first stage of the Tiligul wind farm


In the Nikolaev region, the first stage of the Tiligulskaya wind farm (WPP) with a capacity of 114 MW began work. DTEK announced this on Monday, May 22.

19 WPP turbines produce up to 390 thousand kWh. This is enough to provide electricity to 200,000 households a year.

At the same time, foundations have already been laid for the installation of another 64 turbines of the second stage of the Tiligulskaya wind farm. The construction of a capacity of 500 MW will make it the largest wind farm in Eastern Europe.

“In 2022, we had big plans to build a new Tiligul wind farm, but the Russian invasion temporarily put this project on hold. Today I want to say that we have decided to resume the construction of the wind farm, and the first stage of the plant has already started operating at full capacity. War will not stop us. We continue to create jobs, pay taxes, generate electricity, restore grids, fight for our energy independence and invest in the future. We will win the war,” said Rinat Akhmetov, SCM investor.

DTEK noted that they would continue to contribute to the implementation of Ukraine’s strategy for the construction of 30 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. In general, the Tiligulskaya wind farm project will increase DTEK’s green energy capacity from 1 GW to 1.5 GW.