Air Force destroyed all enemy targets

Война війна ПВО

On the night of May 16, the Russian army attacked Ukraine from the northern, southern and eastern directions with 18 different types of air, sea and land-based missiles. All of them were destroyed, the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

“Out of six MiG-31K aircraft, six Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, nine Caliber cruise missiles from ships in the Black Sea, and three ground-based missiles (S-400, Iskander-M) were fired. All missiles were destroyed by air defense forces and means,” the military emphasized.

In addition, the enemy attacked with strike drones of the Shahed-136/131 type, and also carried out aerial reconnaissance with three drones of the operational-tactical level (Orlan-10, SuperCum). They were all shot down too.

“Tactical aviation of the Air Force continues to strike at the positions of the invaders. During the day on May 15 and at the beginning of the day on May 16, more than twenty group air strikes were carried out, ”the command added.