In Ukraine cheaper fuel


Wholesale lots of diesel fuel decreased by UAH 1.25/l over the week. The cost of A-95 gasoline sank by 1 UAH/l, enkorr reports on Monday, May 8.

Diesel fuel prices on Friday averaged at 34 UAH/l, and trading was carried out in a wide range of 31-38.5 UAH/l, which is 0.5-1 UAH/l less compared to last week.

South Region

Diesel fuel could be purchased within the range of UAH 31-36/l, and over the week the average price here decreased by UAH 0.75/l, to UAH 32.75/l.

Western region

Diesel fuel was traded for UAH 31.25-36/l, while the average price fell by UAH 1.25/l to UAH 33.75/l. In the northern and central regions, the price tags for diesel fuel decreased by 0.5-1 UAH/l (33-38.5 UAH/l), and on average, diesel fuel in these regions cost 34 UAH/l and 35.25 UAH/l, respectively.

Eastern region

Diesel fuel was offered in the range of 35-38.5 UAH/l, and a week later the cost of diesel fuel here decreased by 0.5 UAH/l, to 35.25 UAH/l.

The cost of diesel fuel at the southern border from April 28 to May 5 decreased by UAH 1/l to UAH 31/l, while at the western checkpoints diesel fuel sank by UAH 1.25/l to UAH 31.75/l.

On average, A-95 gasoline across the country could be purchased on Friday for 35 UAH/l, and the trading range for this resource was within 32-37 UAH/l, this range dipped by 0.5-1 UAH/l over the week.

In the southern and western regions of the country, the “five” was offered for 32-36 UAH/l, the A-95 resource was offered more expensive in the northern and central regions – for 33-37.5 UAH/l. The cost of A-92 gasoline decreased by UAH 0.75/l compared to last week to UAH 32.75/l.

The price of A-95 gasoline for a week at the western border decreased by UAH 0.25/l, to UAH 32/l, at the southern checkpoints the price of “five” has not changed and remains at the level of UAH 34.5/l.