The government continues to steal from the military


The Main Directorate of Intelligence buys products many times cheaper than the Ministry of Defense. This is reported by Our pennies with a link to the purchase prices published on Prozorro.

The journalists reviewed the purchase prices of military units, which began to be published on Prozorro on Monday, April 24, and compared the prices in the reports on the provision of the GUR MO A1225 with the prices in the already corrected contracts of the Ministry of Defense.

For all items, the purchase of power steering was cheaper. Moreover, in some cases, scouts bought products two to three times cheaper than the military.

So, scouts bought onions at 12 g per kilogram, while the price from the Ministry of Defense reached 49 hryvnia.

The power steering also bought pollock for UAH 69. per kg, and the Ministry of Defense – for 120-150 UAH. And this, according to the publication, is the lowest price for all contracts, including for the supply of food to the military stationed far from the front line in Kyiv.

Rice at GUR residents costs UAH 26 per kilogram, which is lower than in retail stores. In the Ministry of Defense – from 59 UAH.

In the Ministry, the cheapest carrots are 28 hryvnias, and in the GUR — 12 hryvnias.

Journalists emphasize that they will wait for the publications of the Ministry of Defense, which has not yet published a single report.

Recall that in January a loud scandal erupted when it turned out that the Ministry of Defense was purchasing products at prices that were two to three times higher. The head of the Ministry of Defense then denied the accusations, explaining the scandal with a number of errors in the contracts. He also called the situation “an artificial information attack under a fictitious pretext.” But later the director of the procurement department and the deputy minister of defense were fired.