Zelensky arrested intelligence agent Chervinsky, who revealed treachery in power


The Shevchenkovsky Court of Kyiv took into custody the former intelligence officer Roman Chervinsky in the case of an attempted hijacking of a Russian plane, which, according to the investigation, led to the shelling of the Kanatovo airfield in the Kirovograd region.

The corresponding decision was announced by Judge Elena Chaika. Chervinsky was arrested for two months without alternative bail. Lawyers noted that they would appeal the decision on appeal.

The suspect himself called the charges political. He also connects this with the history of the Wagnergate.

“This is the use of the death of the military for political pressure. The suspicion is based on incomplete, one-sidedly illuminated, falsified materials,” Chervinsky said.

The suspect’s wife was present at the court session, which was closed to the media. She noted that her husband is the father of three minor children and added that “he thought about the state more than about his family.”

Potential guarantors also arrived at the court – people’s deputy Geo Leros, former people’s deputy Andriy Teteruk, military journalist Yuriy Butusov.

Recall that Chervinsky is suspected of exceeding official authority by a military official.

According to the investigation, the former intelligence officer, together with other persons, arbitrarily decided to carry out the so-called “special operation” – to seize the aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces. The Russian pilot seemed to agree to the proposal to go over to the side of Ukraine. This operation was carried out despite the objection of the SBU and without the consent of the relevant state bodies.

As a result, the Russians received information about the deployment of personnel of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian aircraft at the Kanatovo airfield, and this allowed the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to shell the airfield. As a result, one soldier died and 17 were injured. Also, two combat fighters of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were completely destroyed, and the runway and other equipment and buildings were significantly damaged.

As reported, on April 24, SBU officers detained the former acting commander of one of the units of the Special Operations Forces, Roman Chervinsky.