Summons were handed out at street races in Kyiv


In Kyiv, the police invited representatives of the military registration and enlistment offices to a meeting of “fast and furious lovers” to distribute subpoenas, Oleksiy Biloshitsky, First Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Department, said on Facebook.

“Fast and Furious Lovers, or for those who still don’t realize … It seems to me that society has long had its say regarding acceptable behavior during the war. And now I’m not talking about the fact that it’s completely impossible to drink coffee or have lunch / dinner in some establishment. In general, we are fighting so that people can live a normal life. But there are limits to everything. Driving loaded cars into the very center of the city, roaring engines there, drifting along the streets – this is already called a farce during the war. And near these charged motors, thugs are spinning, who, due to their age and state of health, could, for example, hold a machine gun. And we have already warned repeatedly. And they were held accountable. But… So, this time we invited military commissars to the event. Which, in turn, “invited” afterburners. But. So that the boys “do not get upset”, there is a worthy life hack: the machine gun can also be upgraded and tuned,” Biloshitsky wrote.

When asked in the comments to the post how it all ended, Biloshitsky replied: “Agendas and resolutions.”