Prozorro introduces unarmed defense procurement reporting mechanism


A new function has been launched in the Prozorro system since April 23 – displaying information on unarmed defense purchases, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reports.

From today, military units and defense customers, in accordance with the new edition of the Law on Defense Procurement, will begin to publish information on unit prices in their non-armed purchases.

According to Deputy Economy Minister Nadezhda Begun, defense customers will report exactly on non-armed purchases (food, clothing, fuel, etc.) from UAH 200,000 for goods and services, and UAH 1.5 million for works. The reports will contain a limited amount of information – the name of the customer, the subject of the purchase and the price per unit.

“In the case of purchasing food services, customers will need to report the unit price of each product included in this service. To do this, they will be able to upload a file with the corresponding calculations to the Prozorro system,” the message says.

The deputy minister added that the ministry is also working on a new framework agreement procedure for defense needs, through which the defense will be able to conduct competitive selection of suppliers through the Prozorro system, and at the same time not publish sensitive information in the system.