A 75-year-old Japanese volunteer opened a free cafe in Kharkov


A free cafe called FuMi Caffe in Kharkiv was opened by 75-year-old Japanese volunteer Fuminori Tsuchiko. Here, hot lunches and cakes are prepared for everyone.

The cafe is located on Saltovka, near the Heroiv Labor metro station, where people had to hide from shelling for several months. Fuminori rented a room in the market, found cooks.

The free cafe is financially supported by philanthropists, caring compatriots of the Japanese.

Visitors can be treated to soup, borscht, cereals, pasta, meat, as well as pastries: pies, buns, donuts with garlic and tea.

Fuminori’s acquaintances, employees of neighboring shopping pavilions and their customers, transport residents and bystanders come to FuMi Caffe. For younger visitors there are toys and sweets.

Fuminori intends to stay in Ukraine until her victory over the aggressor and help people.

Fuminori Tsuchiko came to Ukraine for the first time in January 2022 as a tourist. He visited places associated with World War II, traveled to Poland to see Nazi concentration camps. I came to Kyiv to see Babi Yar.