In Ukraine, the dollar exchange rate jumped in the cash market

Курс валют

The exchange rate of the US dollar has been growing for the second day in a row in the exchange offices of Ukraine.

Today, the exchange rate of the cash dollar on sale has jumped by 40 kopecks – up to 37.95 hryvnia per dollar. The euro exchange rate also rose by 40 kopecks to UAH 41.00 per euro.

The average dollar exchange rate in the cash market in Ukraine is:

  • purchase — UAH 37.35 (37.00 — April 6)
  • sale – UAH 37.95 (37.55 – April 6) per dollar.

The average euro exchange rate is:

  • purchase — UAH 40.30 (39.90 — April 6),
  • sale — UAH 41.00 (40.60 — April 6) per euro.

The official fixed rate of the NBU is UAH 36.5686 per dollar (effective from July 21, 2022). At the same time, the euro exchange rate as of April 7 fell by 10 kopecks — UAH 39.914 per euro (-0.1012 UAH).

According to the NBU, in March the situation improved both on the non-cash and on the cash foreign exchange market of Ukraine. In the cash market in March, the exchange rate fell by 3.4%, and the regulator sold the minimum of the currency in four months.