Ukrzaliznytsia proposed a route from Kyiv to Wizz Air base

Wizz Air

Ukrzaliznytsia, together with the Moldovan railway, organized trains from Kyiv to the Romanian city of Iasi, where the base of the low-cost carrier Wizz Air is located. The company announced this in Telegram on Saturday, March 18.

Train No. 351 Kyiv – Chisinau departs on odd days from Kyiv at 17:02 and arrives at the Moldavian station Ungheni, located near the border with Romania, at 07:53 in the morning.

After passing through the border and customs control, which takes place at the Ungheni station, you need to transfer to the train No. 821 Chisinau – Iasi – Sokola, which departs from Ungheni daily at 09:51, and already at 11:13 arrives at the Iasi – Sokola station, where each train is met by buses that will take you to the city center or to the international airport of Iasi.

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that passengers do not have to worry about a transfer, since the train stops at the station for 30 minutes.

On the way back, everything is the same: at 17:40, train No. 822 Iasi – Sokola – Chisinau departs from the Iasi – Sokola station, which arrives at the Moldavian Ungheni station at 18:57. There you can transfer to train No. 352 Chisinau-Kyiv, which arrives at Ungheni station on even days at 20:21.

Tickets for train No. 351/352 are available in the Ukrzaliznytsia app, in the chat bot and on the website. Tickets for train No. 821 Chisinau – Ungheni – Iasi – Sokola and its return flight No. 822 can be purchased on the website of the Moldovan Railway –, at the ticket office of the station in Ungheni or from the conductor on the train.

The Wizz Air low-cost airline offers flights from Iasi airport to Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.