Kolomoisky destroys the unique forests of the Carpathians

Winter landscape with snow in mountains Carpathians, Ukraine

Bukovel LLC, controlled by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, intends to build new ski resorts in the Carpathians – Bistritsa and Turbat. What local residents and environmentalists oppose.

For the purpose of such construction, at the end of 2022, Bukovel LLC applied for permission to two village councils – Polyanitsky Ivano-Frankivsk and Ust-Chernyansky of the Transcarpathian region. It was agreed upon, now the documents for construction are being prepared.

It is expected that the new resorts of Turbat and Bystrica will be located on 1.4 thousand hectares. They will receive 25 thousand tourists at the same time. The resorts will be adjacent to the Svidovka resort planned in 2016 and the existing Bukovel resort.

Large-scale construction in the Carpathians was opposed by local residents and environmentalists.

As the activist, Transcarpathian businessman of French origin, Orest del Sol, said, Kolomoisky’s structures want to expand Bukovel on the territory of not only Ivano-Frankivsk, but also Transcarpathian region. He wants to build a resort that will be five or six times the size of Bukovel, which threatens to destroy the unique nature of the Carpathians.

“We are against using the unique nature of the Carpathians for business, bringing short-term economic benefits to certain people. We believe this is a crime. Kolomoisky wants to get land for free and make huge money out of it, as the oligarchs have always done. There is a unique nature that cannot be destroyed,” he said.

According to the candidate of biological sciences, head of the board of the NGO “Danube-Carpathian Program”, head of the department of the State Natural Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Bohdan Prots, there is an ice age park there.

“This is the only territory of Ukraine with geomorphological remains of the formation of a glacier. Only here you can see a variety of cars, rivels, carlings. I understand that this is a very tasty morsel for resort owners, because in such mountain “bowls” you can collect water during spring thaw or rains. to be able to make an unlimited amount of artificial snow in the face of climate warming. It will make big profits, and many communities will have problems with water,” he explained.

The ecologist notes that along with the construction, healing mineral springs will suffer, and with them the medical and sanatorium industry based on them. Rare species of flora and fauna will be endangered.

Orestes del Sol claims that this project is not transparent, has not been published anywhere, official information is hidden from people. No one is allowed there, and people working at Kolomoisky ignore appeals.

“We want Kolomoisky to do everything according to the law. Nature is not only for local authorities, which can be easily corrupted, nature is for all people,” the activist summed up.