Named the number of unidentified bodies of Ukrainians

В Ізюмі виявили велику братську могилу українських воїнів та близько 500 поховань цивільних

To date, criminologists, together with experts from the GNDEKTs, have identified about three thousand Ukrainians killed by Russian invaders. Another 2,800 bodies remain unidentified due to the lack of comparative DNA material. This was announced on Monday, March 6, by the Communications Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

According to Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine, Head of the Main Investigation Department Maxim Tsutskiridze, forensic specialists use mobile DNA laboratories to identify the dead Ukrainians.

“Mobile laboratories, which we received thanks to international partners, allow us to quickly select DNA from the deceased and his relatives. Such laboratories were used to identify bodies after rocket attacks on a shopping center in Kremenchug, in the center of Vinnitsa, during a helicopter crash near Kiev,” he said.

He noted that usually two mobile DNA laboratories work at the scene at once, one of which takes DNA from the dead, the other from their blood relatives. Subsequently, in a matter of minutes, the available material is compared and, in case of a match, identification is established.

“Today, eight mobile laboratories operate in the National Police. But we plan to provide each region with such equipment, which will significantly improve the efficiency of forensic investigators. Therefore, we are negotiating with the US Embassy on their acquisition,” the Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine emphasized.

The so-called DNA base is also being formed in the country.

“Almost 16,000 relatives of the dead or missing have given their DNA. At the same time, profiles are selected during the return of the bodies of our defenders. This information is stored in the expert institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” he explained.

The Deputy Head of the National Police said that in order to speed up this work, a hotline has been created in the National Police and since April 2022, the police have processed almost 20,000 calls related to the disappearance of people and identification issues.