Boombox and Zhadan released a video for the drama Mirny-21


The Ukrainian group Boombox and the writer, as well as the soloist of the rock group Zhadan and dogs Sergey Zhadan, presented a video for the soundtrack song for the military drama Mirny-21. The song is called Truth. The video has been posted on YouTube.

“This is a song about the people who keep our tattered and lame world,” said Boombox soloist Andrei Khlyvnyuk.

The clip shows footage, including the participation of the actor Pasha Li, who died during the shelling of the Russian Armed Forces on Irpin at the beginning of the war.

It is known that Khlyvnyuk wrote the music and the chorus to the song, and Zhadan was the author of the verses. The song was arranged by the film’s composer Usein Bekirov.

“I left Andrey’s melody and made an orchestral version, changing the harmony and groove. I was glad to touch the work of the Boombox group as a film composer,” Bekirov said.