Flight on the Ukrainian plane “Mriya” is already available in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Ан-225 «Мрія»

On February 27, Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced the opportunity to make a virtual flight on the Ukrainian An-225 Mriya transport aircraft, which Russia destroyed a year ago. Funds from the sale of the application will be used to restore the world’s largest aircraft.

“Mriya” rises into the sky! The legendary An-225 “Mriya” spreads its wings. But for now, in all its digital glory. Today, February 27, Microsoft Flight Simulator has officially unveiled a new DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator — An-225 Mriya. You can try flying on the wings of “Dream” right now – the release is already available for PC”.

The project became possible thanks to the coordinated and intensive work of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team together with the ANTONOV project team, the active assistance of Mikhail Fedorov and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the support and expertise of Ukrainian pilots and engineers who helped make the behavior of the aircraft more realistic.

An-225 crew commander, chief pilot Dmitry Antonov and pilots Kirill Volegov, Evgeny Bashinsky, navigator Sergey Nechaev could test the digital Dream for realistic flight.

“The restoration of the aviation legend was not an easy and lengthy process, which was worked on by several qualified teams from around the world. Many hours of model development work, sound recording, detailed design – everything so that everyone can feel as realistically as possible in the role of the pilot of the world’s largest aircraft, hear the sound of its engines, inspect the cockpit and cargo ramp.

We are very grateful for Microsoft’s decision to send all proceeds from the sale of the Mryia add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator to the special account of ANTONOV State Enterprise for the restoration of the An-225.”

Ан-225 «Мрія» Ан-225 «Мрія» Ан-225 «Мрія»

This was preceded by: on February 2, the Antonov state enterprise announced that it had entered into a license agreement with Microsoft on the right to use the An-225 Mriya brand in the new version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game.