The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal banned the activities of the “Party of Regions”

Партия Регионов

According to assistant judge Serhiy Kuzmich, on February 21, the court granted the application of the Ministry of Justice and the Security Service of Ukraine.

The State Bureau of Investigation notes that, in particular, they provided materials on the illegal actions of the leadership of the Party of Regions when signing and ratifying the so-called Kharkiv agreements, as well as the crimes committed by them during the events of the Revolution of Dignity.

Employees of the Security Service and the State Bureau of Investigation documented the criminal actions of the “regionals” and initiated the transfer of 100% of the “party” property to the income of Ukraine.

The court decision concerns all the assets of the banned party and its structural subdivisions in various regions of our state.

It is indicated that experts are now establishing the value of this property.

Earlier, Chesno wrote that deputies in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions still remain with powers.

In these territories, the composition of local councils, elected back in 2010 at the next local elections, still operates. Since regular elections were not held in the occupied territories in 2015 and 2020, the composition of the councils there has not changed since then, and these deputies still have mandates.

In 2022, at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, the court banned 16 political parties: the Opposition Platform for Life, the Opposition Bloc, the Sharia Party, the NASHI party, the Communist Party and others. Now, discussions are taking place in Parliament with varying intensity regarding the future of representatives of banned parties in local councils and in Parliament.