The Russian 155th Marine Brigade from Vladivostok was defeated, inclusive of command personnel

Война війна

Russia probably completely lost the elite 155th Marine Brigade in the battles near Ugledar. This was reported on Sunday, February 12, by Politico with reference to Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, a representative of the Taurida Defense Forces.

It is noted that the brigade from Vladivostok was defeated, inclusive of the command staff.

“The 155th brigade had to be understaffed three times already. The first time – after Irpin and Bucha, the second time – after the defeat near Donetsk. And now almost the entire brigade has been destroyed near Ugledar, ”the publication quotes Dmitrashkovsky as saying.

According to him, 150-300 Russian marines were killed in this area every day, and about 130 units of enemy equipment, including 36 tanks, were destroyed in a week.