Russia lost in the war up to half of its tank fleet


Russia has lost 1,688 tanks since the start of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine – and these are only documented losses of equipment, according to the monitoring group Oryx.

According to the monitoring group, the Russian Federation lost 1,688 tanks in the war against Ukraine: 1,000 were destroyed, 544 were captured by Ukrainian defenders, 79 were damaged, and 65 were abandoned by the Russian military.

According to Oryx military analyst Yakub Yanovsky, these statistics only include equipment for which there is photo or video evidence of destruction. Yanovsky noted that the actual number could be about 2,000 tanks.

“Russia started the war (full-scale invasion – ed.) with about 3,000 tanks in service … so there is a high probability that Russia has lost half of the usable tanks,” Yanovsky added.

According to Yanovsky, before the start of the war, Moscow had about 4,000 tanks in reserve. However, many of them have survived only “on paper”. Thus, even assuming that all of them can be repaired, the Russian Federation still lost about 30% of its pre-war tank forces, according to Yanovsky.

According to Oryx, the total loss of Russian equipment is almost 9100 units. The total losses of Ukraine amount to 2,934 pieces of equipment.

At the same time, Ukraine lost 459 tanks in battle, and captured more than 500 Russian ones.