US auditors arrived in Kyiv to monitor aid

Заместитель госсекретаря по политическим вопросам Виктория Нуланд

Auditors are in Kyiv this week to ensure accountability for US military and financial assistance. This was announced on Thursday, January 26, by US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, writes CNN.

“The administration remains focused on preventing the misuse of aid or weapons. We are working with the World Bank, with (consulting firm) Deloitte and with a group of US government auditors who are in Kyiv this week,” she said.

According to her, American auditors are in Kyiv to make sure that “no help or weapons are diverted.”

The representative of the State Department specifically pointed out the latest measures taken in Ukraine to combat corruption.

“Ukraine must not only survive this war, it must emerge from it stronger, “cleaner”, more democratic, more European. This is what Ukrainian patriots are fighting for. It is also key to the support provided by the United States and our international partners. President Zelensky’s decision this week to fire and accept the resignations of officials suspected of corruption is a powerful signal of Ukraine’s own resolve on this issue,” Nuland said.

As noted, members of Congress from the Republican Party expressed their desire to make additional efforts to oversee the issue of US support for Ukraine.

So far, both the Pentagon and the US State Department have noted that there have been no cases of misuse of aid in Ukraine.