International reserves of Ukraine increased by 1.9%


In December, Ukraine’s international reserves grew by 1.9% and, as of January 1, amounted to $28.5 billion. This was reported by the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s international reserves as of January 1, 2023, according to preliminary data, amounted to $28.5 billion ($28,491.0 million). In December, they increased by 1.9% due to stable receipts from international partners and a decrease in the net sale of foreign currency by the National Bank,” the message says.

In particular, during the month Ukraine received 4.5 billion US dollars (in equivalent). Of these, about 2 billion dollars – from the United States, 598.7 million dollars – from the European Union; $540.7 million – from the placement of foreign currency domestic government bonds (OVGZ), $402 million – from the World Bank, $367.8 million – from the Government of Canada, $528.9 million – from other international creditors.

“The current volume of international reserves provides financing for 3.6 months of future imports, which is sufficient to fulfill the obligations of Ukraine and the current operations of the government and the National Bank,” the NBU said.