Invaders abducted and killed a children’s writer near Izyum

Володимир Вакуленко

The occupants killed the children’s writer Vladimir Vakulenko was killed in the Kharkiv region. The man disappeared in the village of Kapitolevka near Izyum in March during the occupation.

The media reported that the writer’s parents had been looking for their only son for more than six months.

After the liberation of the occupied Izyum, a mass grave site was discovered in the city. Over 400 bodies were found there in September. The burial was carried out by the local ritual service, which also kept a journal with data on the dead. The journal indicated the data of the writer.

At first, law enforcement officers denied the information that it was Vladimir Vakulenko who was buried in the grave. Kharkiv prosecutors said the remains belonged to a woman.

Subsequently, the investigators found a photo of body number 319 taken before the burial and documents of Vladimir Vakulenko, as well as a tattoo on his arm, similar to the one that the writer had.

Data on the death of the writer was also confirmed by a DNA examination.

Vladimir Vakulenko is a children’s writer, poet and laureate of literary awards.

The deceased left a minor son. The child has a disability and needs help.