Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to liberate occupied settlements


Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south of the country destroyed 25 invaders, three ammunition depots, three enemy Grads, Akatsiya, Nona and Tor, 11 units of armored vehicles, reports the Operational Command South.

According to the military, the situation in the operational zone in the Yuzhno-Bug direction has not undergone significant changes: it remains stably difficult, but controlled.

“At the positions of our troops, communities adjacent to the front line and rear areas, the enemy is hitting with all available weapons, using aircraft and kamikaze drones, reconnaissance drones. More than three dozen sorties were made by air spies, ”the message says.

The enemy also hit the Margenets community of the Nikopol region from the direction of Energodar, attacked our positions from the temporarily occupied Kherson region with two Lancet-type shock kamikaze drones in the Berislav and Nikolaev regions.

The Russians continue to fire on a barge with grain in the Bug-Dnieper-Liman Canal.

“Four times, with a pair of Ka-52 helicopters, the enemy hit our positions and the liberated villages of the Kherson region, and after lunch they added attack aircraft. Previously – without human losses,” the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted.

There is a group of 10 ships in the Black Sea, which continue maneuvers under the cover of the Crimean coast. One VDK and one surface launch vehicle equipped with eight Calibers are at the ready.