The United States intends to create a layered air defense system in Ukraine


The United States plans to create an integrated air and missile defense system in Ukraine. This was announced during a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, October 12, following the results of the Ramstein-6 meeting, said Mark Milli, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States.

He noted that this system will combine short, medium and long range means. The combination of all these means will make it possible to close the airspace to Russian aircraft.

“We will hand over the systems that we have… And we will try to supply additional ammunition for the systems that the Ukrainians are now armed with. There are many free air defense systems in the world. The challenge will be to tie them together and place them,” Milli said.

In turn, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin added that America will provide the systems that it has in service “as quickly as it is physically possible.”

“I am absolutely sure that the rest of the countries will do everything they can, when they can, to transfer additional capacity. You heard what we were talking about NASAMS, and this is a good tool that will really help the Ukrainians. I said that Germany will provide the IRIS-T air defense system, and in the future, I hope, other means. Today, more countries have volunteered to provide munitions for NASAMS systems,” the Secretary of Defense said.

He added that Ukraine’s allies have a willingness to do whatever they can for as long as they can.