McDonald’s reopens in Kyiv

В Киеве возобновляет работу McDonald’s

McDonald’s begins the phased opening of restaurants in Ukraine with the launch of McDelivery. On Tuesday, September 20, the first three restaurants in Kyiv will open. This was announced by the head of the communications department of the Ukrainian McDonald’s Alesya Mujiri.

“At first, establishments will work only for delivery, and halls, express windows and MacDrive will open in October. The resumption of the work of institutions in Kyiv and in the west of Ukraine will take place in stages over two months, ”she noted.

McDelivery will work in three restaurants in Kyiv: on Bazhana Avenue, 3v (Kharkovskaya); st. Grishko, 7 (Poznyaki); Gagarin Avenue, 2a (Darnitsa).

It is reported that in about a week, seven more establishments in Kyiv will resume work, and subsequently other restaurants will open in the capital and in various cities in the west of the country.

At first, orders will only be available through the McDelivery service provided by McDonald’s delivery partner Glovo. In early October, these restaurants will open to visitors and will be able to use the McDrive service and express windows. In other cities, the launch of establishments will also begin with delivery, and then guests will have the opportunity to visit restaurants on their own.

As noted by McDonald’s, restaurants will be open from 9:00 to 21:00 and will be closed during air raids so that workers and visitors can move to the nearest shelter.

The restaurant’s menu has already appeared on the network with new prices, which are higher than before the war.

Now you will have to pay UAH 52 for a cheeseburger, UAH 45 for a hamburger.

Previously, BigTasty cost UAH 112, and now it costs UAH 154. Also Double Cheeseburger cost UAH 61, now it costs UAH 81. Big Mac grew from UAH 69 to UAH 92.

The price of a large Coca-cola, Sprite and Fanta (500 ml) is 40 UAH.

The new menu will be valid only on the main counter, MacDrive and MacExpress.