The UN announced 10 million Ukrainian refugees

Война Мариуполь

During the war, 10,350,489 people were evacuated from Ukraine. Such data on Wednesday, August 3, is provided by the UN Refugee Agency.

More than 5 million people went to Poland, about a million – to Hungary, the same number to Romania and Germany. Also, about two million people ended up in Russia, more than 1 million – in Hungary, about 964 thousand – in Romania. 471 thousand Ukrainian refugees left for Slovakia, 557 thousand people went to Moldova.

“This is one of the biggest displacement crises since World War II, and by far the fastest,” says the latest report from the Refugee Agency.

In total, since the end of February, more than 10.3 million Ukrainians, or about a quarter of the country’s population, have left their homes (according to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, as of January 1, 2022, almost 41.2 million people lived in the country). At the same time, about 4.2 million border crossings to Ukraine have been recorded since February 28.