US congresswoman asked Biden for a briefing on Yermak’s alleged ties with Russia

Ермак Зеленский

Congresswoman Victoria Spartz wrote an open letter to US President Joe Biden urging him to check the “alleged connections” of the head of the Office of President Andrey Yermak with the occupying country Russia.

Spartz, the first-ever Ukrainian-born member of the US Congress, writes that “based on various intelligence sources, Yermak’s activities in Ukraine, and his alleged ties to Russia, Congress urgently needs to obtain this information in order to confirm or refute various serious allegations. “.

She also argued the appeal with “the material participation of the United States in this conflict.” Therefore, the politician added, there must be “such a level of rigor and accountability to the American people.”

The congresswoman drew Biden’s attention to the fact that Yermak appointed Oleg Tatarov as his deputy for anti-corruption law enforcement agencies.

She added that he delayed the appointment of the chief anti-corruption prosecutor for more than a year, which slowed down the work of anti-corruption bodies, “as a result of which the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau ceased to function.”

“As President Zelensky is working very hard to build alliances with the West and our country, we have an obligation to inform him if we may have any concerns about key people in his circle,” Spartz said.

On Fox News, Spartz criticized the allegedly “reluctant and slow” reaction of Biden and Zelensky to the fight against the Russian Federation, called on the Ukrainian president to completely put the country into “war mode” and not try to pretend that life there flows as usual.